Unicorn Heart Bath Set

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Unicorn heart - as fun as a magical dream, our unicorn heart bath products has a light and fruity scent and is kissed with color & biodegradable glitter. Unicorn heart lovers rejoice, the gift set is here! With three different ways to experience unicorn heart, you can finally unleash your inner unicorn.

Unicorn heart gift set contains: 1 (2.7 oz) unicorn half-heart bath bomb. 1 (5.7 oz) unicorn heart dust mini (fizzy bath powder). 1 (2.2 oz) unicorn heart handmade soap bar.

Directions (bath bomb): fill bath with warm water & drop in bath bomb. We recommend using the whole bath bomb for a luxurious experience. Directions (bath powder):  add to running water, relax and enjoy! We recommend using 3-4 oz of powder (approx 1/2 cup).

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