Handmade Soap Bars

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****All pics are in order of descriptions.

All of our handmade artisan soap bars are created with a blend of skin loving base oils and butters (coconut,  olive, shea butter/cocoa butter and castor) along with creamy homemade oat milk, coconut milk and aloe vera juice.

Our special blend of ingredients is purposely chosen to provide a dense creamy lather that will not dry the skin and strip it of necessary oils. The selected ingredients produce a very hard soap that will last a long time for you. We make all of our handcrafted soaps in small batches with a strict attention to detail and use the cold process soap method.

Baby Rose-A true, fresh-cut rose scent with a soft baby powder fragrance for a superb clean and fresh aroma. Topped with hand piped rosettes with soap shreds throughout the bars.

Applejack Flash-A  blend of crisp apples, cinnamon and ginger.

Beach Bum-Captures the essence of summer like no other fragrance; combining juicy mandarin, sand jasmine, and refreshing oceanic mist. Compare to Bobbi Brown Beach.

Celestial Sea-This bold water fragrance opens with a salty, ozone sea spray but what develops is an ocean musk built from sea moss, driftwood and sand. Hidden are crisp notes of soft violet, jasmine and lily rose. Topped with coarse sea salt which should be removed prior to use. Add these salts of nature to your warm bath water for an added treat.

Cherry Blossom-A blend of delicate flower petals, with warm base notes of vanilla, Tonka bean, and exotic woods. Soap shreds throughout.

Ground Control-This galaxy soap is scented with a light sweet combination of honey, toffee, and caramel. Nice delicate scent. Compared to Honey I Washed the Kids from Lush. Colored with activated charcoal and engulfed in floating planets (hand-molded soap balls).

Honeysuckle Gardenia-A beautiful blend of two beautiful florals with swirls as delicate as the scent combination. Soap chunks throughout..

Pink Berry-Sweet strawberries, pink raspberries, pomegranate, sparkling cider, citrus fizz and effervescent mimosa.  Soap shreds throughout..

Peppermint Candy-This one is a simple icy cool and sweet peppermint with soap shreds and soap balls throughout.

White Tea Ginger- Begins with top notes of white tea, yuzu, lemon, bergamot, and ginger;  followed by middle notes of Earl Grey tea, rose, nutmeg, and geranium;  sitting on base notes of woods, musk, and berries.  Soap shreds adorning the middle of each bar.

Our Sea Salt Spa Bars contain mineral rich sea salt which was obtained naturally from evaporating sea water. Sea salt is hailed for its health-enhancing minerals and therapeutic properties. Coconut oil, castor oil and shea butter along with creamy oat and coconut milk lend to its rich lather.

The bars end up turning into a smooth polish stone with use. They last a long time as long as they are kept out of water when not in use.

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